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Affiliates Program

Together, Wake Forest University and the Centro de Innovación Científica Amazónica (CINCIA) have designed an affiliates program to allow qualified individuals to engage in research and scientific innovation in the southern Peruvian Amazon. The scientists involved are considered affiliate researchers of CINCIA, which allows them to stand out as professionals while also enhancing the quality and impact of their research.

At CINCIA, affiliate scientists:

Partake in research that was historically not scientifically studied due to ecological value and extractive activities that threaten conservation.

Make use of logistical and operational support provided by local institutions with strong ties to the region.

Join an established scientific community and receive the advice of world-renowned specialists, researchers, and experts.

Author and/or co-author scientific publications that are disseminated locally, nationally, and internationally.


The main objective of the affiliate program is to consolidate the training of professionals in the field of environmental research and innovation that support the research and dissemination of science with the goal of solving socio-environmental problems in Madre de Dios.

The affiliate program seeks to improve scientific knowledge regarding the impact of gold mining on ecosystems and environmental health, as well as the possibilities for mitigation, remediation, and restoration of the region’s forests, soils, and waterways. At the end of the program, the participants:

Develop innovative research mediated by ecologically viable technologies.

Contribute to the sustainable development of Madre de Dios.

Gain the necessary skills to fulfill their professional degrees of interest, social service, or professional practices.

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Training allows opportunities for professional and personal growth, the sharing of ideas, and generating spaces for interdisciplinary learning. CINCIA offers community access to science through short courses, seminars, and virtual events.