CINCIA Investigates Potential of Biochar to Recover Degraded Areas

///CINCIA Investigates Potential of Biochar to Recover Degraded Areas

CINCIA and Groupo ALIMENTA signed an inter-institutional agreement on on biochar and its potential applications.

Puerto Maldonado, December 20, 2016- CINCIA and Grupo ALIMENTA, signed a Convention of technological exchange that will strengthen the intervention of CINCIA in the production of bio-carbon. Bio-carbon, commonly known as biochar, is a vegetable by-product similar to charcoal made from vegetable waste such as sawdust, dry stalks, crop residues, and other wastes, which undergo a slow-burning process in the absence of oxygen called pyrolysis. Biocarbon is rich in carbon and is used as a fertilizer, and has the property of catching coal under the earth for hundreds of years instead of letting the CO2 return to the atmosphere when the plant dies and decomposes, thus becoming a mechanism that can help capture CO2 that would normally go into the atmosphere.

Attending the event together with their technical teams, Vasco Masías, Director of the ALIMENTA Group, and César Ascorra, National Director of CINCIA, both signed the agreement. The ALIMENTA Group has a pyrolyzer in operation installed at its facilities in Ica. Under this system, the aim is to increase soil fertility and yields. CINCIA through its project “Reforestation and restoration of degraded areas for mining in Madre de Dios”, is investigating various methods for the ecological and productive recovery of the intervened areas, generating information with scientific support that allows an adequate closure of mines in areas Amazon.

Additional Information:

  • CINCIA will install a continuous pyrolyzer (the second in Peru) at the “El Castañal” Fund of the IIAP with whom it has a joint working agreement.

  • With the pyrolyser installed in Madre de Dios, CINCIA will be able to produce enough bio-carbon to investigate its effects on the recovery of degraded areas by mining, in research plots installed in five districts.

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