CINCIA Trains Rangers of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve in Using Drones

///CINCIA Trains Rangers of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve in Using Drones

Puerto Maldonado, May 7, 2017. In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, the Centro de Innovación Científica Amazónica (CINCIA) led a community workshop to train watchmen and rangers in using drones.

Drones have become an indispensable technological tool for work involving territory evaluation, monitoring, and developmental planning. These devices make it possible to characterize the territory in a more efficient way by saving time with data collection and analysis. Not to mention, drones generate greater precision in the study and evaluation of large territories, incorporate a greater number of variables in the study, and increase margins of security for those working in areas that are difficult to access. CINCIA has successfully entered into the drone research space by generating a methodology to characterize areas degraded by gold mining, engaging in reforestation experiments, and monitoring the forest restoration process. Additionally, CINCIA has two RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) pilots that are accredited by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Park guards and community vigilantes of the Yine and Arakmbut ethnic groups, who serve in the native communities of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and their Buffer Zone, participated in the basic management of drone training session. The training included the theoretical and practical aspects of flight, the mechanics of drones, and the preventive maintenance of drones.

SERNANP, within its improvement plan, plans to increase its drone fleet to strengthen control and monitor actions in conflict areas of the Amarkaeri Communal Reserve, as well as use this technology in the planning and monitoring of sustainable activities. The training took place within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and the 7th anniversary of the National Encounter of Contract Implementers of Communal Reserves Administration, which is led by ECA Amarakaeri who holds the national presidency of Executives of Administration Agreement.